Tech Lead

  • Experience :Tech Lead
  • Position :Tech Lead
  • Time :Full Time

What you'll Bring

  • 3+ years of Python experience
  • Experience with Flask or other Python Frameworks like Django
  • Experience writing web APIs
  • Experience with source control
  • Experience with storing and retrieving data from databases
  • Experience building web applications using HTML, CSS and Javascripts
  • The willingness to learn new methodologies, technologies and standards
  • Deployment to AWS
  • Experience designing schemas and optimising queries in relational database
  • Are comfortable with fundamentals of front-end development (HTML, CSS, JS) and one or more front-end frameworks (React, Backbone, Angular)

Impact You'll Make

  • Build cool things that matter with smart people
  • work with the Product/Business teams to get full understanding of the requirements and propose solutions wherever necessary
  • Design, build and maintain extremely secure, very fast and highly available APIs and website back-ends using Python with Flask and Celery
  • Build website front-ends using Javascript with React
  • Create Docker container-based services for a Kubernetes based container orchestration
  • Write unit tests for all of your code
  • Write end-to-end integration tests for APIs and websites
  • Code reviews and threat models
  • Write clean code that conforms to Python PEP-8 and Flake8 / Pylint standards
  • Participate fully in an established Scrum based agile team with clear product direction
  • Follow industry standards and best practices