Our Vision

To aspire breakthroughs in technological solutions with the blend of human and digital intelligence.

Our Mission

To analyze and present data in a way that inspires action and leads to growth.

We love to be

We spend most of our waking hours at our workplace. So happiness at Work is essential to happiness in Life. But happiness alone is not enough. If happiness is responsible for our productivity, dissatisfaction is responsible for our progress. Any advancement ever made in technology or other fields has come from the idea of improvement. And improvement is inherent to the state of dissatisfaction with status quo.

Our ideology pushes us to continuously make progress irrespective of what we have currently achieved. Let this message push you to continuously make progress regardless of your current achievements! Without happiness there is no life. Without dissatisfaction there is no growth. Be Happily Dissatisfied, always!

Magenta Connect

Harnessing technology to aid

Magenta is born out of passion and purpose to help businesses achieve more with technology. We start with customer requirement and implement technology to create a customer experience that aids customer growth. We invest in technology that has the potential to drive innovation and deliver customer value. Our endeavour is to transform how businesses perceive their operations, tackle the new challenges and serve their customers by making breakthrough technological innovations more accessible to a wider audience.

Magenta Connect

Core Values
that inspire and guide us

Magenta Connect

Power of Passion with Purpose

Our purpose is to create a culture where progress of a business is fuelled by data. Our passion inspires us to push the boundaries every time to achieve our purpose.

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Responsibility of Results & Respect

We work with ownership of action and respect for every individual. It increases accountability and team spirit, which in turn creates a healthy work environment.

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Concentration on Customers & Communication

We are committed to what we communicate and ensure that there are no gaps in communication. This helps us in improving customer satisfaction.

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Togetherness of Talent & Trust

We thrive not only on individual talent, but also on mutual trust. This gives everyone an equal opportunity to contribute to the success of organization and client.

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